What Can You Do in Bunaken? Here’s the List!

Source: Unsplash

Bunaken Island is still a magnet for tourists to come to North Sulawesi. The charm of tourist attractions in this area seems to be endless to explore. This island has an area of ​​8.08 square kilometers and is located in Manado Bay.

Bunaken is also very easy to visit. First, you have to fly to Manado, then from the city, you can cross by boat for approximately 50 minutes. So, when you arrive at Bunaken, what can you do in this place?

Here not only can you enjoy spectacular views but you can also experience several other exciting and challenging activities. Curious to know what you can do in Bunaken? Check out the list below!

1. Enjoying the Underwater View

Bunaken Island has a very large marine wealth. Even here, you will find many species of fish, not as many as in other places. It is one of the main attractions of Bunaken.

No wonder so many tourists, both domestic and foreign, come here. This is because Bunaken Island is one of the best diving spots in Indonesia. Therefore, you should not miss this activity while in Bunaken.

Diving is the main activity that you really must do. Here there are approximately 20 spots for diving that you can choose from. In all these spots, you will certainly find the beauty that you can’t find anywhere else.

2. Feeding Fish on Coral Reef

Bunaken is one of the most famous snorkeling destinations in the world. It has a rare combination of marine biodiversity and crystal clear seawater with visibility up to 40 meters. Many lodging places have incredible coral reefs at their doorstep. But if you want to see more and visit a place less touched by human hands, consider using a snorkeling package or renting a local boat.

If you are not very interested in diving activities, you can still enjoy the richness of the sea in Bunaken by snorkeling. That way, you can still meet the marine animals that inhabit the coral reefs there.

Usually charged 50 thousand Rupiah per ship per day. For snorkeling equipment, many places rent or sell it. To rent a mask and frog legs will be charged 50-100 thousand rupiah per day. If you’re lucky, you can get a snorkeling experience with dolphins, turtles, or stingrays that happen to swim on the surface. You can feed the fish while swimming on the surface.

In Bunaken, there are also many cool shallow places for you to snorkel. Don’t forget to bring an underwater camera so you can capture these beautiful moments.

3. See Whales and Dolphins

The marine animals in Bunaken are indeed extraordinary. Including you can see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat in Bunaken. For that, you can rent a boat that is ready to take you to the middle of the sea and approach the place where the marine mammals are.

Of course, this view will be difficult for you to get if you live in an urban area. So, you can’t miss this activity. Don’t also forget to capture your moment when you see these animals swimming in the open sea.

4. Travel to Manado Tua

If you want to find alternative activities in Bunaken other than the sea, then you can take a trip to Manado Tua, an island with an inactive volcano in the middle.

You can go there early in the morning by boat from Bunaken for approximately 30 minutes. Then on the island of Manado Tua, you will also have no trouble finding a guide ready to take you around the island.

5. Watching the Sunset

Last and not least, the thing you can do in Bunaken is enjoy the view of the sunset on the western horizon. You can see the color of the sky turning orange when the sun starts to set. So lovely, isn’t it?

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