Wakatobi Marine Park: A Dive Site to Explore Amazing Marine Lifes

Wakatobi is well known as an underwater paradise for divers. It’s also one of Ideal Earth’s Marine Tourism sites and diving sites in Indonesia. Wakatobi offers you a million and more sceneries there, both underwater and above, and has gained many positive reviews for this exceptional destination.

Wakatobi is located geographically in the planet’s coral reef triangle center with its 942 fish species and 750 coral reef species out of 850 of the planet’s collection. It is compared to the two planet’s famous diving centers, such as the Caribbean Sea, which occupies just 50 species, and the other 300 coral reef species from the Red Sea, Egypt.

Wakatobi National Marine Park is a kingdom for a myriad of marine species, including flora and fauna. You can have a vacation and learn about marine life so that you can try to love and preserve them.

Beside the underwater beauty, Wakatobi has other beauty and richness. Here you can meet white sandy beaches, clear seawater, sunset in each island’s border, historical ruins such as historical fortresses along with cannon that distribute in the four chief islands, old village with its own column home, conventional metering, blacksmiths, and Bajo tribe along with assorted special dances. This culture and nature heritage place Wakatobi as the planet’s famous marine tourism object.

Here are the most and also the best of Wakatobi Dive Sites:

Situated on the house reef, its numerous overhangs and caves characterize this Dive site. The deeper dives with this wall bring one to overhangs where hammerhead sharks are seen to maneuver. Many big sea fans and encrusting coral reefs protect the wall making a plethora of distinct colors.

Patuno Gate

This house of reef dive is located in only a brief boat journey from the hotel. The diving begins on the sandy incline on the inside of the barrier reef, where following a brief swim, we pass via a saddle at about 15m, where turtles can occasionally be viewed. As we pass within this saddle, the reef falls off to a gorgeous wall covered in a range of enormous barrel sponges, soft and hard coral. Swarms of red, Black, and tooth cause numerous fish are available here. The reef has lots of overhangs and swims throughs that home orange cup sponges and sea lovers.

The Zoo (Waelumu)

This spot  is at the tip of this extended barrier reef, which ends up in front of Patuno Resort Wakatobi and finishes in front of this Waelumu village. The steep wall falls from 5 meters to approximately 35 meters, at which it becomes a sandy incline that has gone down into the depths. The wall rings with a massive assortment of gorgonian sea lovers of many different colors, making it a fantastic habitat for pygmy seahorses. The 5-meter suggestion of the barrier reef makes for a fun security stop, where you could take your time appreciating the dining table corals and panorama of vibrant soft corals.

Red Fish

This site is so called after the two big schools of red tooth activities which are located here along with a guest that helped discover the site. Here the reef is made up of gentle incline with large coral coverage in a sharp corner where you are able to hang out and observe the big pelagic species pass by.

Kapota Ridge

The ridge here goes out of the island of Kapota’s house reef. The dip begins on a gentle coastal incline where lots of barrel sponges and foliose coral could be viewed. Frequent sightings of all pelagic species like dogtooth tuna and trevallies make this a favorite place.

Kapota Point

On the point of Kapota Island, this site is among the most vibrantly colored walls in the area. Tremendous sea fans and coral overhangs have been found throughout the globe, and schools of fish in addition to pelagic drifters may often be seen taking refuge out of the lively currents which guarantee a large number of fish species.

Karang Gurita

This is a superb place for an outstanding day’s diving. Several fantastic sites could be reverted here. The site includes coral gardens, slopes, plateaus, walls, and ridges. When you dive, you can see giant kinds of sea fans, schooling trevallies, reef sharks, turtles, barracudas, and colorful hard and soft corals. If you are lucky, you may even meet hammerhead sharks. This is a favorite dive site and ensured to become an exhilarating dip!

Karang Gurita (Clown Fish City)

As its name suggests, this site is home to a beautiful concentration of Amphiprion percula in addition to other anemonefish species. Situated on Karang Gurita from the south west shore of Wangi-Wangi Island, it’s a superb spot to experience pelagic species and also boast 25m+ visibility a lot of the year. The more powerful currents in the region bring in remarkable schooling fish.

Kaledupa Double Spur

On the border of Kaledupa Island, Dual Spur has a number of the most pristine hard coral coverage in the region. The dip begins on a profound ridge covered in soft corals and anemones with resident ceramic crabs and finishes at a shallow backyard of big boulder corals, plate corals and anemone fishes of species covering the world.

There continue to be many other diving sites across Wakatobi Regency, which could be explored throughout your diving trip to Wakatobi. Ready to start your getaway to Wakatobi? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!