This autumn’s Mostra de Cuina Menorquina: the big cuisine event in Menorca that you can’t miss

Although, due to its autumnal climates, Menorca is the perfect place to continue diving into the water, this season brings with it other tempting attractions for visitors from all over, this time linked to gastronomy. We are talking about the “Mostra de Cuina Menorquina”, which this year is in its 12th edition, unexpectedly breaking records this 2021 in terms of participation and scope of the event; This year, from September 17 to October 3, no less than 39 restaurants from 13 municipalities, and even from some coves join the event.

What can I expect from visiting Menorca during this event?

It is true that Menorca is not as a famous destination as its siblings Majorca or Ibiza are, but definitely there’s a big portion of the visitors that would rather a much quieter place that will appeal to its visitors with its incomparable natural beauty.

This event, however, brings the local traditional cuisine to a whole new level, as the names of some of the most exclusive restaurants from Menorca’s main municipalities were added to the list this year. This means that there will be menus offered at very low prices (compared to the usual ones), thus inviting any visitor to enjoy the mixture of flavors in the Mediterranean traditions of the island where seafood is the center of all visitor’s attention.

Where can we be part of the festivities?

It is highly advised to go to any of the restaurants that are going to take part of the culinary event in this season. As the list of names is quite long and they are scattered all over the island it is also advised to take in account the car hire in Menorca services so you can move around without having to worry about the public transportation. These are the 39 restaurants, belonging to 13 municipalities and coves.

Ciutadella, 11: Aquarium Port, Asador Molí des Comte, Can Faustino, Es Born, Es Pinzell, Mon Restaurant, Morvedra Nou, Rels Restaurant, Cabòria, S’Amarrador and Ses Voltes Espai Gastronòmic.

Es Mercadal, 6: Bistro Sol 32, Es Molí des Racó, Hotel Jeni & Restaurant, S’Arangí, Tast Restaurant, Tapas Gastobar.

Maó, 4: Aqua, Nou Bar, Sa Lliga Marítim and Urban Mô.

Alaior, 3: Es Jardí Des Temple, Santa Marianna and Torralbenc.

Ferreries, 2: Binissues and Restaurant Loar Ferreries.

Sant Lluis, 2: Alcaufar Vell and Sa Pedrera Des Pujol.

Es Castell, 2: Artiem Carlos and Sant Joan de Binissaida.

Fornells, 1: Café del Nord.

Es Migjorn Gran, 1: Es Chic.

Es Grau, 1: Café Bar Es Moll.

Cala’n Bosch, 4: Aquarium Lago, Arena Beach, Foc Eco Brasserie and Sa Parrilla del Lago.

Cala Blanca, 1: Restaurant Maribel.

Cala Galdana, 1: Restaurant Es Barranc.