The Best Kid-Friendly Activities in St. Albert 

If you have kids, and you are planning a visit or a move to St. Albert, Alberta, you will need to know the best kid-friendly things to do in the area. Whether your kids are younger, and you need activities geared toward their age group, or they are older and ready for adventure, there is something for every age group in St. Albert.

Check out the many options available, and plan an itinerary that is best for your family and the age groups of your kids. Here are the best kid-friendly activities in St. Albert:

Outdoor Fun

If your kids are full of energy and need their daily dose of sun to burn off some of that energy, there is plenty to do in St. Albert for kids of all ages. Take a trip to the St. Albert Botanic Park where you and your kids can wander the gardens free of charge.

If your kids love birds, head to Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park for some of the best birdwatching in the area. Red Willow Trails is another great option for outdoor recreation. Pack up your kids’ bikes and a picnic lunch, and you can make a whole day of walking and biking.

Theater and the Arts

If your kids are more into the arts and theater, there are several great options for related activities in St. Albert. Kids can take fine arts classes, like painting or sculpting, through St. Albert Visual Arts.

If they are into theater, they can take an acting, improv, or dance class with St. Alber Performing Arts. Or if they prefer to watch a show, you can visit the nationally recognized St. Albert Children’s Theater.


Throughout the year, there are also several family festivals held in St. Albert. First, be sure to check out the International Children’s Festival, which is a 5-day festival specifically for children and families and focused on play.

Also, be sure to check out the city’s Community Events Calendar, since they offer monthly festivals and family events. For example, they have a soapbox derby, Canada Day Celebration, and more.

Water Play

If your kids love playing in the water, St. Albert has some great options for them that are year-round! You can head to Fountain Park Recreation Centre for swim lessons and family swims. Or you can check out Grosvenor Outdoors Pool or Woodlands Water Play Park for some refreshing swimming and water play on hot summer days.

To get their fill of water fun on colder days, your kids will love the Landrex Water Play Centre in Servus Credit Union Place. There is a lazy river and plenty of water slides for kids to enjoy.

And this is just some of the great fun for kids in St. Albert. There are also plenty of recreation facilities and other fun activities for kids at places like the Riel Recreation Park and the St. Albert Public Library. 

With all of this fun to be had, you will need to check out the St. Albert real estate available to make sure your kids have permanent access to everything St. Albert has to offer.