Should You Move to Nevada? The Pros and Cons of the Silver State

Spend a weekend living the high life in Sin City and you’ll be looking at Las Vegas apartments for rent before you even board the plane back home. Between the casinos, world-class restaurants, some of the best entertainment around, no wonder you are considering the move to Nevada. What’s even better is that there’s plenty more to the state than just Las Vegas. 

No matter how serious you are about the idea of moving, it’s important to really think things through. Is a weekend in Vegas really what you want as your new normal? Some are thinking an absolute “Yes!” but others might be a little more curious about what else the Silver State has to offer. To make things easier for you, here’s some more information to make things all the clearer. 

The Weather

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Unless you have your heart set on the northern most parts of the state, where the climate is a little more diverse and snow is a little more likely, you better love the heat. It’s going to be dry, and that typically means relief at night, but there’s still going to be plenty of scorchers during the day.

Temperatures in the triple digits are going to be a common occurrence during the summer months and that’s something major to keep in mind when considering the move here. There’s going to be very little humidity, and that’ll be a positive for most of us, but whether the heat is pro or con all depends on your preferences. 


The cost of living isn’t going to be the same everywhere in the state but there’s a few things that to mention that make the affordability throughout the state a benefit no matter what part you’d be choosing to live in. One major player in keeping the costs down for residents of Nevada is the absence of sales tax. 

The lack of sales tax goes beyond what you might be used to, it also applies to home sales as well. So you get to the point where you are still loving Nevada but are feeling over your rental, getting a home could be easier than you think. The property taxes also sit as one of the lowest in the nation, so once you have the home – the cost of keeping it will be even lower than you’d expect. 

The Schools

While Nevada is known for plenty of wonderful things, educational opportunities aren’t one of them. This mostly applies to public schools so it might not be a concern for you depending on the makeup of your family. If your kids are already out of the house, or little ones are never something you considered for yourself anyways, don’t let this get in the way of your new start. 

For those with school-aged children, if you aren’t happy with how the schools are looking in the part of Nevada that’s otherwise perfect for you, going the private school route is always an option for finding something that more so matches with the educational goals your family desires.

Annette Bueno
the authorAnnette Bueno