Major Reasons Why You Should Visit Bhutan on your Next Vacation

Punakha Dzong Bhutan

Have you been looking forward to spending some time in serenity, away from the hectic lifestyle of the city? Consider planning your next trip to Bhutan. It would be in your best interest to look forward to visiting a region where you and your family or friends could enjoy the best vacation experience. Rest assured that Bhutan would cater to your specific serene vacation needs without burning a significant hole in your pocket.

Not all people would be convinced to visit Bhutan. Let us delve into a few vital reasons to visit Bhutan. It might change your mind to visit the place on your next vacation.

Reason #1 – Biodiversity

When you visit Bhutan, rest assured that you would come across high and steep mountains with swift rivers passing through them. It would be worth mentioning here that the diverse geographical life and climatic conditions would play a considerable role in contributing to the stupendous biodiversity of Bhutan. You would also come across a different ecosystem worth spending your time in the region.

Reason #2 – Weather

You would come across five major seasons in Bhutan inclusive of spring, winter, autumn, monsoon, and summer. It would be worth mentioning here that the western region of Bhutan experiences torrential monsoon rainfall. On the other hand, the southern region of Bhutan experiences hot and humid climatic conditions. The summers are hot while the winters are cool in the southern region of Bhutan. However, the eastern and central regions of Bhutan would offer a drier and temperate climate. You would experience cool winters and warm summers in the western part of Bhutan. Therefore, based on your vacation needs, you could choose to visit the place with Bhutan tour companies. They would guide you about the best places to visit in the region to meet your specific climate needs.

Reason #3 – Popular Places to visit

When it comes to visiting Bhutan, rest assured that you would be spoilt for a choice of tourist attractions. The place offers numerous places of interest to meet your specific needs. Thimpu offers the largest statues of Buddha created from bronze and gilded with gold. You could visit the National Memorial Chorten where you would experience serenity with the Buddhists reciting prayers while whirling prayer wheels and moving in a clockwise direction. Enjoy your visit to the Tigers nest or Taktsang renowned for its beautiful monastery located in the Paro valley. The other valleys of interest and worth visiting using an affordable Bhutan travel package Singapore would include Bumthang Valley, Gangtey Valley, Zuri Dzong Hike, and Punakha Dzong.

Reason #4 – The delectable food

The national dish of Bhutanese – Ema datshi offers a spicy flavor made from chilies and cheese. The residents of Bhutan take pride in the dish. It would be worth trying the dish on your visit to the region. With a ban on the sale of tobacco in the nation, you would make the most of fresh and clean air in the region.

Reason #5 – Economy

Bhutan’s ngultrum, its currency has been fixed to the Indian rupee. It would be worth mentioning here that you could use the Indian rupee as an accepted legal tender in Bhutan. Despite the economy of the nation is the smallest worldwide, it has grown quickly in the past few years. You would not find expensive items. Therefore, shopping could be easy in Bhutan.

When visiting Bhutan, consider buying the best travel insurance in Singapore. It would be in your best interest to buy a suitable travel insurance package before visiting Bhutan. Travel insurance would ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free and stress-free trip during your vacations.