Japan in autumn brings 100 reasons to visit this awesome place

Japan is becoming one of the most popular destinations in the world and no wonder. Whether for the architecture of its temples, stunning nature and its touch of modernity, tourists from all over the world plan to visit the country of the rising sun during the cherry blossom season and forget about such a special season: autumn. Considered one of the most beautiful in the world, autumn in Japan has unique characteristics.

The climate becomes more pleasant

The 23rd of September was the day of the autumnal equinox. The date is a long-awaited holiday for the Japanese, as it marks the end of intense heat and the end of the typhoon season. Little by little, the hot and humid climate gives way to more pleasant and mild days. It is time to give the air conditioning a break, open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. 

The trees get a special color

As well as the contemplation of cherry blossoms in spring, in autumn the contemplation of colored leaves is practiced, a custom that has been practiced since the era (794 to 1185). From September to December, from north to south, Japan gains a special color in its landscape: the leaves of the trees vary from yellow, orange to red and take over the landscapes. 

It is harvest time

Autumn is a long-awaited time for rural producers, as it is the harvest season. It is possible to find places that offer the opportunity to harvest and taste products straight from the field. A wide variety of mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, new rice and fresh fish invade supermarket shelves and selected stores.

Experience ancient cuisine 

Traditional Japanese food consists of preparing food with seasonal ingredients. This practice has been classified by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of Japan. Usually the meal is served with rice and individual side dishes, such as meat, fish, salad, soy soup and vegetables. In autumn, many restaurants present selected menus decorated with autumn leaves and typical seasonal products. 

Ideal time to plan tours

Japan has ¾ of its territory with mountainous surface. Thus, many are the destinations indicated to contemplate the phenomenon of colored leaves. It is the ideal time to plan tours, visit temples, barbecue, and hike in the mountains, have picnics or visit an hot springs. The list of recommended places to visit at this time of year is huge, but the good thing about autumn is that you do not have to go far to enjoy the season. 

Reflection period

Just like cherry blossoms, autumn leaves invade the decor on the streets and in the houses. Countless stationery, tableware, clothes, kimonos and everything you can imagine get incredible variations with the theme. In addition, the date also has a spiritual meaning. At this time, people visit the graves of their relatives, pray for the prosperity of the family, give thanks for the crops and ask for protection to protect them from the coming winter. 

Season of festivals and historical events

To enjoy the pleasant climate and the beauty of the landscapes, many outdoor activities are planned at this time. Festivals take place at temples and shrines to give thanks for the harvest season. However, one event is sure to catch everyone’s attention. 

Annette Bueno
the authorAnnette Bueno