Everything You Need To Know About Viking 22 Boat

The Viking 22 is a robust and modern cruise boat that has been designed with a planing hull that presents sailors with a sporty capability apart from the potential to employ a trailerable craft in both inland and coastal locations. In addition, it offers a very contemporary and classy interior design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is fully functional as well. 

The boat accommodates a decent-sized shower area and toilet. In addition, it features a forward V-shaped berth that can be changed into a welcoming double bed. What’s more, is an amazing L-shaped galley and an added space for housing two more berths in the mid-cabin. So let’s dive in and learn about the Viking 22 sailboat.

Know about the interior of the Viking 22 

Exterior: The exterior of the Viking 22 sailboat is quite sturdy and provides access to solar energy. Moreover, its exterior is covered with a gel coat that has been toughened by a chopped strand matt. The side decks are around 6 inches wide, and the fittings on the exterior are made from stainless steel. A stainless steel pulpit surrounds the bow, and the cabin top has sturdy handrails. Moreover, two solar panels are attached to the cabin roof of the boat so that the boat batteries portland or can be efficiently charged while on board.

Accommodation: The Viking 22 can accommodate up to four people in two separate sleeping areas. There is a large seating area that can be easily transformed into a generous double berth. In addition, there is one more decent-sized double berth beneath the cockpit floor. Therefore, a group of four people can easily embark on the boat to set off for an enthralling long journey.

Kitchen and toilet: If you are going on a long journey on the Viking 22, you would definitely want to use the toilet at some point. And do you think it is easy to sail to the harbour just for that? Your boat must have a toilet compartment, and the Viking 22 does. It houses a toilet area with a cassette toilet, a shower opposite the galley, and a foldable sink. Apart from that, there is a four-burner gas hob, a stainless steel sink, and a fridge to keep your water and other drinks cool during the summer months.

Outboard engine: The Viking 22’s engine is an efficient Honda 4-stroke outboard petrol engine. The benefits of this setting include more room on board, enhanced versatility, more efficient power, and easier access for maintenance. Although the outboard engines require as much maintenance as the inboard ones, the advantage is that the engine can be accessed more easily, making the maintenance process much more accessible.

Electric heater and a water heater: Sailing in winter is not so desirable due to the low temperatures and adverse weather conditions. If you want to set off on a boar journey when the temperatures are low, the Viking 22 won’t disappoint. This is because it is equipped with an electric cabin heater that keeps the interior warm and cosy when the temperatures outside are freezing. Because there is a heater on board, your winter adventures will be more pleasant and fulfilling. The boat also has a water heater to provide you access to hot water while on board during the winter.


The Viking 22 sailboat is an efficient boat with some great features. It is ideal for day trips, weekend getaways, and holidays. The boat has successfully retained its market value and reputation thanks to its excellent construction and good-quality build. We hope this blog helped you to know everything about the Viking 22 boat.