Car Rental

5 Considerations for a Commercial Vehicle Rental in Singapore

Opting for a rental can be a more economical option. You may need a specific vehicle, and a new or used car for sale in Singapore is just out of the question. The following are several factors to consider before signing a commercial van rental agreement. 

#1 Appropriate Size

Estimate how much cargo will need to fit to determine the size of the vehicle you will require. Accurate calculations will enable you to assess the appropriate size commercial vehicle you want for your rental in Singapore. 

#2 Area Dimensions

Consider if the size of the commercial vehicle you chose from the rental firm in Singapore will fit in the area. Some parking areas and garages, especially private rentals, do not account for larger vehicles. Opting for a smaller car might be more practical.

#3 The Driver

Some commercial vehicle rental firms around Singapore offer deals where a professional driver will drive the vehicle for you. On the other hand, some firms will let you handle the car yourself. If so, examine your driver’s licence class to check if it permits you to drive the size you require.

#4 Insurance Policies

Ensure that the commercial van rental firm in Singapore has insurance and see what coverage is available for the type of vehicle you need. Keep in mind that there may be exclusions depending on the extent of your unique demands.

#5 When to Rent

It is easy to put off hiring a car until the last minute. However, being without a car when you need one might be terrible. Plan ahead of time and have the car ready––whether you are opting for a minibus or a Yutong electric bus from the firm in Singapore––before you need it.

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