4 Things You Need To Know First Before Renting A Car In Singapore

Are you travelling around the city? If the answer is ‘yes’, you’ll know that getting a car is the go-to transport solution. However, if you don’t own a vehicle, there’s nothing more convenient than opting for long-term vehicle leasing or daily car rental in Singapore

If travelling is something that is inevitable for your business or lifestyle, these options are something you should consider if you don’t own a vehicle. If it’s your first time opting for a weekday or weekend car rental in Singapore, here’s what you need to know:

Learn more about the car rental market

It’s crucial that you need to research the car rental market to determine what agency or service provider you to go for when deciding. While you can find a weekend car rental or long term car lease in Singapore, it pays a lot if you take some time to look and shop around for local deals. Who knows? You might come across bargain rentals!

Refrain from renting sports vehicles

While the local scenery can be pleasing, with tons of landmark destinations to visit in a matter of a day, Singapore may not provide an ideal driving conditions for sports vehicles. Therefore, if you’re daydreaming about driving a high-end sports vehicle down the road, understand that it may not be conducive for high-performing cars.

Know the local holiday rules

If you happen to be not familiar with the local holiday rule or if you are a tourist planning an electric car rental in Singapore, now is the time to know the holiday customs. While there are no strict holiday rules, you can expect changes in the traffic situation on a particular holiday. 

Learn the local car regulations

There are heavy penalties in Singapore regarding speed limits, driving under the influence and the costly speeding ticket! Hence, learning the local car regulations and road rules is essential.

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