Samui is much-loved destination among beach lovers from all over the world for their holidays and one of their aims is to rejuvenate their mind and spirit.  At Absolute Sanctuary, is the place who wants to revitalise your skin, gain more energy, and remove toxins in your body, literally get rid off the excess impurities in your body system.  It is Samui’s leading detox and yoga centre, under the management of its roof Absolute Yoga, Thailand’s largest yoga studios with its branches in Singapore.




A Moroccan-inspired boutique health and wellness resort is situated in Cheong Mon close to Samui International airport.




The resort features 38 stylish rooms overlooking sea view with modern amenities.  Each room is well-designed in its simple 2-storey building Moroccan style – the room wall has the finished grayish concrete look that stands out against the vibrant colour of cushions and decorative items on a dressing table which additionally presents a contrast sharply with the white bed linen.  The outdoor living area in the balcony is overlooking the infinity-edge swimming pool farther along the Gulf of Thailand.  For cyber geek, the in-room wireless internet access and in the public areas never fail you to update the world….










As a matter of fact that I live in a chaotic city, when I travel I often grasp an opportunity to revive my health by pampering myself with various sorts of treatment in order to balance physical condition which includes the intake of nutritious meals.  A 3-day intensive tailor-made detoxification programme is an ideal to restore the body system.  The procedure begins with a consultation with a qualified therapist in which a programme is designed according to the need.  For me, the course was purely on a daily spa treatment with one day of colon hydrotherapy.






However, my days often complimented with delicious healthy meal at the Love Kitchen. Every prepared dish is a tasty light vegetarian, certainly full of nutrition.  I have seriously undergone the programme, as a result, I lost a few kilos, the skin is more radiant, having healthier digestion and improved the energy levels.  My goal was overwhelmed with satisfaction.

With its renowned solid experience in teaching and training yoga in Thailand, Absolute Sanctuary is a perfect place to practice yoga or even to engage a yoga programme of a wide variety of yoga styles including hot yoga, ashtanga, vinyasa, power, yin, and hatha with a great figure, beautiful and friendly yoga pro, you would see her walking around the resort!  Besides, there is a choice of workshop to help enhance the health, mind, body and spirit.

I’ve learned from several researches, in fact, put a detoxification programme into practice a few times a year would help strengthening the immunity as well as preventing from diseases.  Why not starting it now?  Nothing is never too late in life….


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