A weekend getaway…


A clear blue sky and a very sunny day has often inspired me a wonderful break at the beach…of course at the same time being treated like a QUEEN.  How can I find such place?  Indeed, this has narrowed down my choices.  A decision was made!

Packed my bag hidden myself from a chaotic city, Amanpuri was the place I selected.  With its high-standard of services, well-trained staffs, the natural environment and its luxurious allure – all of these I would describe it “ A masterpiece of luxury” Why? 20 years ago, a definition of hotel luxury was a hotel of more than 500 rooms built with marble walls and an enormous crystal chandelier hanging in the specious lobby.  After the arrival of Amanpuri, the characterization had changed.

Time flies!  Can you believe that Amanpuri has been in Thailand for 20 years? Apparently, there will be a celebration towards the end of a year which I think anyone shouldn’t miss it…. From my past experience as a hotelier, it’s tough to keep a level of quality.  Having a chance to visit Amanpuri just for a weekend, I took pleasure in every corner of the resort.  My favourite spot is the black tiled swimming pool that leads you to steps which descend down to its private beach.


On my first day as soon as I arrived at the resort, I rushed into the room, got changed and spent the rest of my day at the beach.  The day was incredibly hot….HOT that I could see ices in my glass were melted in seconds.  While sitting on a comfortable sun-bathing bed, I looked around a number of times and I could see a sense of tranquility permeates the resort.   A perfect corner I had.  I was there ‘til a romantic time of sunset while sipping lime & lemongrass crush.  My god…this is the mood that I want everyone to feel.  Words can be explained but feeling is hard to express.

Aman’s restaurants are noted for its excellent cuisine.  I had an opportunity to meet the Italian restaurant’s chef Alberto Zanniboni, he recommended several dishes and they were made for me.  I started my first course with Bresada and wild rocket salad with marinated artichoke robiolina cheese and olive oil  followed by Pan seared tenderloin of beef served with Foie Gras and a chianti wine reduction.   Yum yum….my stomach was filled. As I truly am a sweet-tooth person, certainly, I saved some space for a delicious dessert.  The restaurant is located near by the swimming pool.  The night was twinkled with stars in a pitch black sky while sensing a cool sea breeze.  Oh yes, another romantic moment!!!  How could I resist having a dessert by the pool?


My last 2 days I spent mostly on the beach where I love and this I can interpret myself of being ME.  Due to the fact that the resort was built on a remote headland, Amanpuri guests use of beach are extremely private.  The private beach is a crescent shaped beach is shared with Aman’s sister resort ‘Chedi’. Two lines of white deck chairs line the beach and there is a small swimming platform in the crystal clear sea for guests to casually swim to. On the platform is cold water and warm towels. While on the beach the beach umbrellas magically get moved and ice cubes mysteriously appear in your glass. Even the beach is sprayed with cold water so guests’ feet never have to touch the hot sand. Classic Aman service. The resort does offer an array of snorkeling, wind surfing, wakeboards, and supposedly the largest armada of boats this side of the international date line, but when I was there, I was all too happy to just simply laze on the beautifully private beach. In one afternoon, I brought a plastic bag packed with bread crumb, tied a piece of string around my wrist and I swam by using a snorkel to the platform where there are corals and marine lives.  I suddenly untied the string and of course fed those fish…It was such a great moment I had!!!  A refreshing swim in the ocean and back to the sun-bathing bed, I freed myself from a strong heat around me by having a ginger-caramel ice-cream.  Oh yes indeed, a fantastic choice….

Prior to my departure on Sunday, I spent a day at Aman Spa being pampered with exclusive beauty treatment.  It made me feel invigorated, positively ready to be back to my routine way of life.

Getaway to place of peace, mind and body would help boosting energy.  The extreme sense of peace has attracted a dedicated following. The dedicated guests have taken to calling themselves “Amanjunkies.” The Amanjunkies use to be confined an assortment of Hollywood stars, Wall Street financiers, and Japanese industrialists. The following has grown over the last twenty years and as such has consistently been rated as the best resort in the world by almost every magazine and guide books. Despite this following, I hardly talked to a soul during my stay. Absolute bliss!